How to become a successful blogger in Nigeria (15 sure ways)

Written by Adeyele Paul

In this post, you are going to learn everything about how to become a successful blogger in Nigeria whether you’re into full-time or part-time blogging. So please follow through.

First, who is a successful blogger? A successful blogger is someone who as actually gain stand and recognition in the blogging world by publishing useful articles through one or more blog(s).

Today it is very easy to be a blogger, but to be a successful blogger is not easy.

See, blogging is currently one of the best sources of online income in Nigeria and many popular blogs in Nigeria are earning a good deal of income each month out of blogging.

But the question is “is it easy to become a successful blogger in Nigeria?

If yes, why is it that so many Nigerian bloggers still struggle or give up with blogging? Why do many blogs close down after a year? The answer is simply lack of motivation and passion.

However, there are still several more factors that can make you become a successful blogger.

So without wasting much of your time let’s see the various ways on how to become a successful blogger in Nigeria and in the blogger’s world.

How to become a successful blogger In Nigeria

Here are the blogging tips you need to consider seriously if you want to become a successful blogger.

1. Pick a topic(Niche) that you are passionate about:

Choose the right niche

The first step to becoming a successful blogger in Nigeria is to choose a particular topic or category in which you are interested and passionate to write about.

It may be on food, health, news, tech e.t.c. you may have your interest in. Just make sure that your niche is simple for you, to as much that you can even write a lengthy book about it.

Note: Always stick with one niche(Don’t jump from one niche to another), so that you can be referred and noticed by people interested in your niche. This helps to be more successful as a blogger.Quick link: If you are having difficulty in selecting the right niche, don’t worry, I have a 4 profitable way on how to choose the perfect niche for your blog. So you don’t have anything to lose.

2. Be a good writer:

Be a good writer

No-one will become a blogger without learning how to write first. Although this may sound absurdly obvious, writing is far more than just stringing together a few sentences.

Yes, writing is certainly something that evolves over time. Can you compare your writing skill now with that of nursery 3? No definitely, because as you continue to write the more you improve.

It is the same thing when you first start blogging. Most of us know how to write, but there’s a major difference between writing and writing over 1000 words a day.

You have to brace yourself for errors along the way. It will probably take a long time for your first blog posts to publish, but it will not be as good as the ones you’ll write a year, two years and 10 years later.

You need to be willing to learn your skills, improve your writing skills and find the style of your voice. The only way to do this is to compose regularly.

You also have to ensure that your orthography and grammar are brushed up well.

Sometimes I see a lot of Nigerian bloggers posts too often littered with errors. People notice them, and they can have a greater effect than you would imagine on your audience.

Writing skills also means knowing how to use a personal and lively prose to involve your audience.

Keep writing and publishing, and you’ll become a better writer.

Note: Your authority on the web depends on your writing quality and communication skill.

3. Become a voracious reader:

Become a voracious reader

Before you can become a successful blogger, you need to first become a voracious reader.

Like the phrase go “Readers are leaders”.

You are blessed with the same awareness and knowledge successful bloggers have when you read extensively.

Undoubtedly, every great and successful blogger, are people dedicated to a learning more of blogging life, and how they learn is by absorbing more knowledge of the niche they blog about.

Are you still willing to become a successful blogger in Nigeria? If yes, then I challenge you to start reading and learning at least 2 books/blog posts from your niche each day.

You can download books from Amazonokadabooks e.t.c

4. Invest in your blog

Invest in your blog

Unfortunately, this doesn’t cater to a lot of new bloggers and regular bloggers. They tend to waste their time and resources on the internet in looking for free ways to promote and maintain their blog.

To make your blog a success means to start thinking of your blog as a business.

Only the intentionality and ability to invest in themselves and their blogs will differentiate successful bloggers from failed bloggers.

You can invest in SEO, social media traffic, guest posting and many more, all depends on what you want.

Now you have to reconsider your plan and get ready to invest in yourself and blog, that’s if really you want to be a successful blogger.

5. Interact with successful bloggers

Interact with successful bloggers
source: rawpixel

One of the hidden ways of being a successful blogger in Nigeria is by interacting with pro bloggers in Nigeria and also worldwide.

By interacting and communicating with successful bloggers makes you also to be a successful blogger.

Like the saying goes “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”

So it’s good to connect with other bloggers, whom you think are good for you and who can improve your blogging career ..

Note: Never have the impression that you will go to that blogger because he makes much Naira from blogging, go to a blogger that can teach and guide you extremely on blogging whether free or paid.

6. Share your Knowledge to add value

Share your knowledge

Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge with those who know little or nothing than you do. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert to help someone, you just have to know a little more than they do.

Make sure that you concentrate on helping people out instead of making a lot for yourself, successful bloggers add value to their audience, they focus on helping others as much as possible and that is why people still come back to them.

You can add value by:

By doing so, you build strong relations with other bloggers and also increase your audience, because many people will read and most likely feel involved in your blog.

Note: When adding value from outside your blog URL always remember to refer back to your blog.

7. Plan and schedule your daily activities

Plan and schedule your activities

Planning and scheduling your everyday routine can help you increase your productivity considerably.

Start with a list of things which are high priorities, things that you know you have to do each day, consider those tasks within which you have a time limit and finally add those tasks that are more flexible, but you still have to do them.

Create a list of daily activities, weekly activities and monthly activities, and stick to them with consistency until it becomes a habit.

This saves you a great deal of time and makes you much more successful not only as a blogger but in every aspect of life.

Additional and crucial tips on how to become a successful blogger in Nigeria

Below are additional very important tips of becoming a successful blogger in any niche.

8. Be hard-working and diligent

The key to become successful blogger is hard work.

A blogger must work day and night to come up with new ideas, and also make his blog active on all social networking sites.

You don’t have to work too hard, use your time intelligently and delegate time-consuming work to your virtual staff.

9. Publish quality and original content

Making high-quality original content is a valuable tip for anyone who wonders how to become a successful blogger.

What does it take to write quality and original content?

10. Be very consistent

As with many other businesses, you will see the fruits of your work over time also in the case of blogging.

This tip is also useful for new bloggers because this is a fundamental blog help. Therefore, no matter how many followers you have at whatever point, just keep in mind to be consistent.

This can take years or months, but be sure that you are consistent in writing a unique post and never give up even though it’s not forthcoming.

Continue to regularly publish your updates, and you earn a boost on the traffic from search engines.

11. Be honest and transparent

To your readers, it is important to be transparent. The users who reach your blog should trust you, know you and couldn’t resist coming back for more knowledge. That’s the basic principle of efficient blogging.

Many successful blogs are very transparent to their readers whether on their blog or on social media sites.

You need not make your blog a personal diary just because people need to learn more about you. You can reveal your own successful projects experience. You can also share some motivational messages, disclose organic traffic data on your blog and so on.

12. Engage your readers

Oh yes, I know that blogging is about sharing knowledge with other people, but if you blog for business and not for fun, you need to know your audience if you want to become a successful blogger.

You should do polls regularly and ask your audience what they learnt from your post, what sort of problems do they want you to cover, how they want you to cover it, and how needful it can be to them.

You can also use your social media accounts, forums and even messages from people on your email list.

You can know exactly what they’re looking for and how you can accurately meet their needs once you really know your audience.

One of the proven ways to engage with your audience is to add the option to subscribe to your newsletter. You can keep your blog readers constantly updated with a new or updated post on your website by means of e-mail newsletters.

Another way that many bloggers ignore is to always reply every comment thrown at you, this will help visitors to keep returning to your site.

Don’t forget to also share your articles to all your social media handles and you can also do a giveaway or quiz on your blog.

13. Stand out and be creative

In everything, you do try to be different in a profitable way. Don’t say because other bloggers are doing I have to do it, yes you may do it but in a wiser and better way.

Be a creative blogger, look for new useful ideas and develop on it. This helps your readers to see you as a mentor, and once you have more 100 users looking up to you, then you have the chance to be highly recognized as a successful blogger.

14. Design your blog and blog post

Try to make a few simple formats and blog designs that attract readers. Keep it in mind that it needs to be visual and also make your content simpler by using correct headings, bullets, and colours.

15. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

After all the steps to become a successful blogger are taken, simply go forward to optimize your post for search engines, as it is essential to successful blogs because the search engine will help you optimize your website to get better results on it ranks.

You can receive more organic traffic as you begin to rank higher on Google or other search engines, making your blog popular and successful.

These are the qualities on how to become a successful blogger. If every blogger has these qualities, every blogger is a successful blogger.

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